Which Tip Should I Use?

The Classic Jet Tip is our most used tip. This tip has been used in studies comparing Water Flossing to String Flossing, and found to be up to twice as effective as string floss for improving gum health.

The Orthodontic Tip has been designed for full-mouth cleansing around orthodontic appliances. This tip has been shown to remove up to 3 times as much plaque as traditional string floss and significantly improve oral health for orthodontic patients.

The Plaque Seeker® Tip has been designed for full mouth cleansing and is ideal for people with implants, crowns, bridges, veneers or other areas susceptible to plaque accumulations. This tip has been shown to be up to 2 times as effective for reducing bleeding around implants as traditional string floss.

The Pik Pocket® Tip has been designed for gentle, low-pressure delivery of therapeutic rinses below the gumline. It should be used in conjunction with any tip designed for full-mouth cleansing. Patient should be advised to turn their unit to the lowest pressure setting when using. However, regardless of setting, the exit pressure of the Pik Pocket® always remains low due to its design.